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posted by daddy on 08/28/2008

Well... Brady has started school now. We're so proud. Checkout the August pics to see him dressed for school. Also this week, he officially started riding his bike on his own without training wheels!!! Again, so proud.

posted by daddy on 04/02/2008

She's here!!! Born at 10:00 am today. She was 7 lbs 9 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Mommy and baby are doing very well. See pictures of her here.

posted by mommy on 03/26/2008

Life is never dull! By 8 am yesterday, the excitement had already begun! Alan started the day out in the dentist's chair. Horrible tooth pain ended with his back molar and wisdom tooth being extracted. This being Alan's first real dental "procedure" - the numb face and bloody gauze were quite a surprise. The next stop was the OBGyn office, where the boys dropped me off and went out to lunch. Not the usual quick appointment - they did an ultrasound to make sure she wasn't too big, scheduled my c-section, blood work, etc. And of course when you have everything somewhat scheduled - nothing goes according to plan. Now that it was close enough to actually schedule the surgery - the hospital was booked. So they moved the birth up a few days to April 2nd. Only two days - which doesn't seem like a lot - until I think "are we ready for the baby phase again?!?" It's a little late to change my mind now, huh? Of course... I double checked all the paperwork and made sure my consent form for getting my tubes tied was complete!! Finally I was done and ready to share the news with Alan and the boys. As we are slowly backing out of our parking spot, enough to see past the giant truck parked next to us, Alan quickly stopped because a car was coming. And in a split second, a lady driving WAY too fast and not paying attention slammed into the back of our car. Not your normal, "barely a dent" parking lot accident - she took off the entire back bumper! She immediately got out apologizing, saying that she wasn't paying attention because she is frantically looking for her elderly mother who was wandering around the doctor's office. And when Brady asked her "why didn't you see us" (he did that guilt trip all on his own), she also threw in that the sun was in her eyes. We waited over an hour for police to arrive, that was a lot of fun with two crazy boys who should have been home for quiet time. By that point, our local insurance person came over to take pictures and fill out our claim, mainly because the lady had already started to change her story and not admit fault while she complained about back pain. Being a parking lot (private property), the officer couldn't place blame and instead said the insurance companies can fight over it! So Alan removed the bumper that was hanging by a thread, folded it up and put it in the trunk to drive home. And now we wait to see how it all plays out.

Obviously, things could have been a lot worse and thank God they weren't. We all survived the day, slept very well last night and can now laugh about it all. We've always had major excitement going on before a baby arrives - a good story to tell them later. With Brady, we were getting ready for our first child - a life changing event that is scary on it's own! With Aidan, we were buying our first home and moving - never easy, especially being super pregnant or with a newborn. We were starting to think that maybe life was a little too calm - giving us a break our third time around. But now we have an exciting story to share with Zoe... wouldn't want her to think that life is boring!!

posted by mommy on 03/04/2008

We are in countdown mode for sure - baby Zoe will be here before we know it!! Although I feel quite ready to go ahead and have her, our "before Zoe" to-do list is still quite long. The baby shower this past weekend helped give us the desire to finish up. If only I had the energy to do so! Right now I'm still feeling pretty good - but I'm definitely counting the days. Alan is doing a wonderful job of being my work horse. He seems pretty patient these days with the crazy pregnant woman, thank God!

Brady and Aidan are also doing very well. They are crazy nearly every waking moment, but I think we all are these days. Brady seems really excited about Zoe coming, he's looking forward to being a big help this time around. Aidan is aware that changes are happening. He asks to read the "Big Brother" book every night and seems pretty interested. He's 2 1/2, so his behavior is not always the best - but the same can be said for the 5 year old too! Between my hormones and the upcoming changes, patience is definitely being tested in our house! But our excitement outweighs any bad days, for sure.

We have a lot to look forward to this year... Zoe's birth, our 10 year wedding anniversary, the family beach vacation, hopefully starting on some house building projects - the list goes on and on. And before we know it, a year will have passed and I'll be giving another delayed news posting filled with even more news!! :-)